There seems to often be a theme that occurs from week to week in my practice. This week’s theme has been…

“I have found my voice”

There is nothing more inspiring when a client gets to that place in therapy and is able to say…

“I have found my voice”

For our voice can so often be lost in the chaos of life —strained relationships, family conflict, trauma, insecurities, addictions, busy-ness, disillusionment, depression.

And yet our voice is more than the sounds we utter…our voice bespeaks who we are in all our uniqueness and glory.

I use the word voice symbolically in that we speak from more than just our voices, but through our bodies and our actions.

It is something I strive to draw out from my clients….their own voice…not the echoes of a parent’s, or a spouse’s, or a friend’s or even a crowd’s.

Each person’s own unique way of being in all his/her glory.

And yes, although you may feel you have somehow misplaced your voice  somewhere along the way…it can be found again and strengthened even in the chaos of life.

To hear my clients say,

“I have found my voice”

challenges me as well to let my voice be strong and steadfast.

Oh clients, you can never know just how much you bless me!

“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” James Earl Jones