My quote board reads this week…

“Obstacles can be turned into stepping stones.”

This wisdom was shared with me by one of my clients who has taken this attitude to move forward in a life that has been punctuated by hard times.

And then another client added her understanding to the quote with this question…

“You step UP onto stepping stones, don’t you?”

We began to explore all the reasons people use stepping stones…

to mark a path where one has not been before …to lay down  sturdy rock where the ground might be unstable…to provide a safe place to walk across…to have something hard to shake off the mud.

“Yes”, she remarked. “But don’t you have to step UP onto a stepping stone?”

What a novel way to look at obstacles in our lives…and don’t we all have them?

Obstacles become the means to step UP out of our problems!

Who would have guessed that which we thought was bringing us down, holds the key to helping us back UP?

My clients are awesome…I am continually blessed by the wisdom they share as they courageously turn the obstacles in their lives into stepping stones marching UP and out of their problems!

And how about you? Are you using the stepping stones in your life to march UP and out of your problems?

“You build on failure. You wse it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. – Johnny Cash


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