Perhaps I have told this before – but today with a new twist.

I have a large, musical family – yes, imagine the old television show Partridge family come to life. Everyone had a voice and or an instrument. I tried…I really tried…the piano, the violin, even the ukulele. I never made Glee Club like my sisters. Fresh out of college I was an elementary teacher at a school with a limited budget, so I taught all subjects…including art and music. It was not uncommon, when gathering to sing, for my young students to say, “Ms. Julianne, your voice sounds a little funny – giggle, giggle.”

Little by little I lost my singing voice. I had succumbed to the trap of comparison and had come to the conclusion that my voice would never be enough. One day I read a story about a religious sister who was ridiculed by her other religious sisters when they were singing because of her voice.  Refusing to give into discouragement, she asked angels to doctor up her singing voice. Little by little things changed – she grew in confidence and the determination to sing.  Did her song become pleasant to the ears of her fellow sisters? That part of the story we don’t know, but her attitude changed and that made all the difference.

My ‘lil bit singing voice might be off key or tone deaf, but it’s my ‘lil bit to give.  In life we all have our ‘lil bits to give – not just musical ability, but our personality, our perspectives, our creativity – and they may be off key, quirky, or unpolished but they are ours to give. Our ‘lil bits combined with other’s ‘lil bits become lotta’ bits that are…works of art, a job well done, a thing of beauty. Our ‘lil bits are meant to be shared.

I hope angels are doctoring up my singing voice, but regardless, you still will find me singing to my granddaughter, lifting up my voice at church ( no, I don’t think I will ever be asked to join the choir) and you may even catch me singing in my car.  Why? Because that’s my ‘lil bit to give…

Will you share your ‘lil bit today? Because your ‘lil bit is meant to be shared.

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique, Be remarkable. Be confident. Be proud. ”

-Shannon L. Alder


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