The blog has been quiet for awhile. Writer’s block?….maybe some. Busy-ness?…yes, always the case. Changes, transitions, shakeups in life?…perhaps a bit. Laziness?….maybe a factor.

But honestly, is it laziness or a caving in to resistance?

We all know that sense of resistance – that pulling away. And as a result little by little we stop doing those things that keep us balanced, until boom…we notice restlessness in our lives. With further investigation we see how we’ve fallen off the track.

I like to think we all have, in a sense, a unique rule of life. Those daily must do’s that keep us centered and peaceful. Over the years mine has come to mean daily to write a little, read a little, pray a little, exercise a little, an openness to celebrating  simple moments with family and friends and a remembrance to give a smile to all who cross my path.

SO when hitting the snooze button becomes the norm instead of my morning walk, my journal starts collecting dust, watching you tubes of America’s Got Talent golden buzzer moments takes precedence  over reading…well you see where I am going with this.

Consistency and happiness are integrally related. Spontaneity in life cultivates zest,  but consistency lays a foundation and reassures stability. This is where our peace lies. So what about you…do you have a rule of life that keeps you on track?

A big thanks to the client who called me out on missing blog posts…sometimes it takes just a little nudge from another to get us back on track.


2 thoughts on “Staying on Track and a Rule of Life…”

  • Libby Little says:

    I loved reading this. One of my recent meditations asked, “who or what am I resisting in my life?” It really made me stop and think about “resist nothing; retain nothing.” Thanks for the blog. It jolted me into my “rule of life” which is to consistently soften into silence and find the innate wisdom that is already there.

  • Boy am I guilty of this too!! Great to read your blog, Julianne!! To the first girl that smiled at me when I went to SAA in 3rd grade…love, Evie

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