image via JJackson
image via JJackson

Where is your happy place?

That place you can go where you feel the release of life’s stressors – almost imperceptibly your tense muscles soften, your breaths become deeper, your mind becomes quiet.

Mine is the beach…Just a little, isolated beach where often the closest people are way more than a stone’s throw away.

Here it seems my senses are more acute.

I feel the breeze off the water. I hear the rhythm of the waves. I smell the saltiness and sunscreen. I feel the grit of the sand underneath my feet. I feel the warmth of the sun.

It’s all like medicine to me.

And why are my senses – and your senses- more acute in your happy place?

It’s not because it’s the beach…But because there is a slowing down to notice.

In the richness of the present moment , we become more alive.

Do you know that feeling?

 I cannot always be at my happy place physically.

But I can surround myself with its souvenirs…a piece of driftwood, a shell, a small container of sand. A picture, a video, a photo all serve the same purpose. They are a focal point brought into my everyday life that serves as a reminder.

We all need to discover that happy place in our lives – a place of retreat that recharges us.

It’s not wishful thinking…it’s a happiness supplement.

I challenge you to discover your own happy place and make it your own!

 “When things in the real world get too stressful, take a short while to close your eyes and visualize something nice. Go to your happy place in your mind and think of things that make you smile. Your imagination can help improve your mood more than you think. ” – Anonymous