Elevator rides…aren’t they funny?

Recently I was in an elevator and one woman told us she had just become a great grandma. Showing us all her pictures she exclaimed, “my little chunky monkey”. This caused a man riding to chuckle causing a teenager to hide her head and roll her eyes which started another woman to talk about her vertigo. All this in three floors down the elevator. At the ground floor everyone was exchanging “byes” and “have a good day”.

In that snippet of time, human connections were made and all left a little lighter.

Isn’t that a key to happiness? …Human connections?…Encounters with others?

Encounters can be brief or extended but there is a reciprocity involved. Something a bit imperceptible happens, but you know you have connected. Most of our days we walk by people…we ride in quiet elevators…we traverse our days as if in an impenetrable bubble suit.

Human connection…encounter… brings joy.

I challenge you to step out this day…out of your comfort zone…with the intention of connecting with others.

A smile…a pause to talk…an acknowledgement of the other person’s presence…

And just see the joy you are gifted with.

“To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.” ┬áBear Grylls

FYI…Have you ever googled funny elevator pranks? I was chuckling up a storm reading some of the possibilities!