bald-eagle-portrait-white-tailed-eagle-adler-38998Do Something Everyday that Scares You.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I came across this quote this week and it struck me…and in my dot to dot thinking, I thought about eagles and comfort zones.

When Mother Eagle builds a nest, she first weaves together thorny branches and then lays atop soft filler. As the baby eaglets grow, space gets smaller. In their reluctance to leave, Mother Eagle begins to remove the soft filler. The eaglets cry as thorns poke and prod them as they try to get comfortable in the nest. Mother Eagle continues to remove the soft filler until all that is left is a nest of thorns. Finally, when the pain is too much, the eaglets venture forth on a new journey learning to fly.

What does your comfort zone look like? Do you eat the same breakfast every day? Do you travel the same route to work ? Never go to a movie alone? Do you bring the same green bean casserole to family potlucks? Wear the same hat every time you go fishing? Sit in the same church pew Sunday after Sunday? Have the same color on your living room walls for 10 plus years? Always wake up at the same time each morning? There’s nothing wrong with familiarity in our lives, but doing the same thing over and over again can lead to the blahs…and in the busy-nessĀ of life, we begin to coast into auto pilot.

Is your comfort zone really that comfortable? Comfort zones can be a way of life that avoids anything new, different, or painful. We are all creatures of habit, but our desires change. We set new goals…dream new dreams…find new passions. We want to change, but sometimes we feel reluctance, and we start making excuses. Are your comfort zones preventing you from changing?

I like Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice…”Do Something Everyday that Scares You”.

So… Step out of your comfort zone…banish the blahs…savor the moment…and in the newness you might just fly!


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