Have you ever lost something that was valuable? I recently lost a necklace my husband gave me on my first mother’s day that has my daughter’s initials inscribed on it. It is very special to me for many reasons. I was so distraught because it had so much meaning and I thought it was something I could not replace.

Losing the necklace made me think about something more important I had lost over the past few years. My voice. You see I was living for others and trying to please those around me thinking that is where I would find my happiness. But with each attempt to please another, I sacrificed a piece of who I was. I lost my voice.

Finding the necklace was not easy. I searched in drawers, suitcases, my car, and even the kid’s playroom, thinking it might have ended up somewhere unusual. I eventually found it in a bag with some other jewelry and was thinking how silly of me for misplacing it. Finding my voice has been difficult as well. I have to work hard, search in places I wouldn’t expect and not give up!

I want you to know, if you are looking for something you lost, maybe your voice, maybe your security, or maybe just a sense of having things under control, we are here for you. Cheering for you! So don’t give up.


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