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The Shout of Self-Doubt…

A trip to the dentist. “Mr. Dentist, something is wrong with my right jaw. It’s painful.” “I don’t see anything on the x-ray – just a little inflammation. Maybe your gums are sore. Try this antiseptic rinse. You will be all better in 3 days.” Introduction….Self Doubt. You are just being whiny. Toughen up. Sore gums? […]

Suggesting and Communication Breakdown…

You have had a long day….you are feeling tired and frustrated.  It seems everything at work went wrong that day…your computer had a virus that made the internet painfully slow…you accidentally shredded important notes for a presentation you were writing…it’s storming and you forgot your umbrella and your car is parked 3 blocks away…you also […]

Like the Fallen, Intact Camellia…

Seeing camellias that fall still intact from bushes makes me stop and pause in a melancholy kind of way.  After rain storms this time of the year, it is not unusual to see such a scene. I noticed this on my walk this morning and I began to think about loss. There are times in […]

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