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Me? I Choose to Use A Pencil…

I’m a planner geek. I love personal planners, A5 planners, mini planners. I love all the stickers, fancy pens, and embellished paper clips that make planning so fun…it’s a cross between planning and scrapbooking. But one bit of wisdom I’ve learned as I look to my day, week or months ahead… Expectation or Acceptance? I […]

Obstacles, Stepping Stones and Marching UP?! …

My quote board reads this week… “Obstacles can be turned into stepping stones.” This wisdom was shared with me by one of my clients who has taken this attitude to move forward in a life that has been punctuated by hard times. And then another client added her understanding to the quote with this question… […]

Allow That One Word to Find You…

2017 has arrived… But what about 2016? Did your resolutions get lost somewhere along the way? Your past does not have to define the present. Motivation science outlines why it is difficult to keep resolutions, but offers hope for setting achievable goals (see linked article). But what about a different way to ring in the […]

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