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What does your email inbox say about you? …

You wake up…grab a cup of coffee…you have just a few minutes before the true morning rush begins… You open your emails hoping to read your favorite Lifelines blog to begin the day on a good foot … And you are BOMBARDED with your e book bargains for the day, faux leather trends you need to wear this […]

Turn it Upside Down…

I am a “weekend artist” who loves the freedom of splashing brightly colored paint on blank canvases and discovering what they can become. Once a fellow artist gave me some artistic advice that helped take my work to a new level. She shared that when looking at a photograph or a picture that I was […]

Dear Client,

Thank you, Dear Client, for the courage you show to walk through the doors of your first counseling session…you remind me that bravery occurs one step at a time. Thank you, Dear Client, for sharing with me the book of your life…you remind me that each of us has a unique story to tell that none other […]

Sharing Words of Wisdom…

I have a quote board in my office. Each week I write on the board an inspirational quote that has struck me. It is hung on the wall directly across from my couch and I have enjoyed seeing my regular clients checking the board when they come to session. They often remark with comments such […]

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