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Doorjamb Chums, Foundational Friends, and Sturdy Shelters…

I will never forget as a child experiencing an earthquake tremor. It is the strangest sensation to have the very floor you are standing upon shift from side to side. When I was older I taught in an elementary school in an area of the country close to a fault line. Our school held earthquake drills. […]

No Apology Needed

  She wipes the tears that course down her cheeks with trembling hands. She tries to stop her hands from trembling but her whole body is trembling so her efforts are futile. Trembling seems to be a conditioned response to fear after the years of abuse. He comes near her again and she winces as she anticipates another blow from […]

Yes…Be BIGGER than the Bear…

We all have fears… those bricks in the stomach, knots in the neck, concrete in the shoes fears. The unknown is not part of our comfort zone. Mystery brings us to the brink of fear and that one step forward…no matter how small…ushers us into growth. But…how do we take that one step forward? Black […]

Alien Invasion

Apples and Grandmothers…Fish and Albert Einstein…

Shopping in the produce department of the grocery store recently, made me recall this quote… “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” (Albert Einstein) Now I know there are no fish in the produce department, […]

Breaking Dawn

The stillness surprises me. There are familiar rhythms found in the ebb of the tide. Waves can ease upon the shore with a soft whoosh that kisses one’s ear. Other times they are loud and forceful like an angry tyrant, slamming into the sand demanding to be noticed. Today is different. The ocean resembles a […]

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