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Marketing Manager Position

Jan 5th, 2015

The Marketing Manager will oversee the creation and implementation of an integrated marketing, communication and business development effort to advance and increase the impact of Lifelines Counseling Services and its programs: Family Counseling Center, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Rape Crisis Center and Helpline in fulfillment of its mission: Empowering individuals and families to live more fulfilling lives through counseling, assistance, referrals, and education. Duties and Responsibilities: The Marketing Manager must have the ability to think strategically and act tactically to develop, execute or manage and analyze all marketing-communication functions with a focus on heightened brand awareness, strategic relationship development and client acquisition. This professional will be expected to attain Lifelines’ long-term marketing vision while consistently producing measurable short-term successes along the way. Success and accountability will be based on agreed-upon metrics. Qualification Standards: Education: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, public relations, advertising, or a related discipline. Experience: Five years of experience in marketing (ex. direct sales, physician referrals), business development, communication planning and implementation or similar. Please send your resume to [email protected]. Attn: Executive Director