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Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health

Preparing Our Children for Tomorrow

Our vision is to build nurturing and supportive relationships to provide the basis for emotional, cognitive and social capacities necessary for healthy future development.

Staff are dedicated to supporting healthy emotional, cognitive and social development of children prenatal to eight years old. We are working toward a future in which infant, toddler and young child are supported within nurturing relationships, positive experiences and supportive environments. This strong foundation provides the basis for emotional, cognitive and social capacities necessary for healthy future development.

Our goal is to instill the principles of infant and young child mental health in all services for infants, toddlers, young children and their families, as well as for expectant parents. Proven, evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions, practices and programs exist that can improve a wide range of outcomes for vulnerable children. To implement them, we advocate education, coordination and collaboration across organizational and professional disciplines, which will benefit society well beyond the early childhood investment.

FREE Developmental Screenings!!!

Because your child's first 5 years of life are so important, we want to help you provide the best start for your child.  You've been invited to participate in an Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3), online screening to help you keep track of your child's development.  The questionnaire may be provided every 2-, 4-, or 6-month period.  You will be asked to answer questions about some things your child can and cannot do.  The questionnaire includes questions about your child's communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem-solving, and personal social skills.

To complete the questionnaire, please access the following URL by typing it into your Internet Browser:

We look forward to your participation in ASQ-3!

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Childhood Mental Health Services:
Alicia Richardson, Licensed Professional Counselor- IECH Mental Health Consultant, 251-721-5303.