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Each of our programs has one or several volunteer opportunities. Most service areas also offer opportunities for high school and undergraduate student placements, as well.

There is a wide range of "one-time" and "long-term" volunteer opportunities. A sample listing can be seen on the Volunteer Opportunities page. In addition, "custom-designed" volunteer jobs may be crafted, in order to suit a volunteer's particular set of interests, skills and service program needs.

All volunteer applicants are asked to provide the names of three references, who can speak to the applicants' reliability and suitability for the volunteer job that they have selected. Volunteer positions dealing with minors and/or victims of crime must give permission for a check of police records, as well. Some volunteer jobs require specific skills and/or a willingness to participate in training sessions, in order to prepare. Student placements require the instructor's agreement that the placement fulfills class requirements.

Lifelines volunteer application forms must be completed and processed before an assignment is initiated. Prospective volunteers wishing more information, before applying, should contact 251-602-0909.

Many "one-time" projects requiring a number of volunteers for a limited period of time are available to groups representing institutions such as schools, clubs, religious organizations, etc. Although groups need not complete an application form, a confidentiality form must be signed by all participants.