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Homeowners Guide To Success

Jan 22nd, 2018

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today released the Homeowners Guide to Success as part of a public-private partnership between federal agencies and industry partners. The guide provides homeowners with information on the critical first steps to take if they are at risk of missing a mortgage payment or facing foreclosure. The guide covers the importance of contacting your servicer early in the process. The guide also discusses the value of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies. The assistance HUD-approved housing counseling agencies offer at no cost to consumers, helps borrowers obtain independent, knowledgeable information and avoid scams. To help ensure borrowers are aware of this guide, HUD along with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture, the Treasury Department, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mortgage Bankers Association, and housing counseling agencies, will be offered the opportunity to post the guide on their respective websites and promote on social media.