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Changing The Rape Culture In Our Society Starts With You

Jun 14th, 2016

Over the past week Rape Crisis of Mobile, a program of Lifelines Counseling Services, has been aware of numerous postings on social media and comments about the Stanford rape case. The conversation is an overwhelming response of emotions ranging from anger to sadness, hurt to outrage. With all the conversation taking place, we want to urge you to help us make a change in the rape culture of our society, starting with the culture within our own community. Here's how you can help:

Change the way we feel about victims. A sexual assault survivor has to live with enough already from the injustice that just occurred. Why make them feel like they did something to deserve this injustice?

  1. Believe them and tell them it's okay to reach out for help
  2. Be empathetic and provide support
  3. Assist them in calling the Rape Crisis Center so they can make informed decisions. The 24/7 line is 251-473-7273 4.
  4. Tell them, regardless of the circumstances, sexual assault is NEVER their fault.

Change the way we talk (or don't talk) about rape.

  1. Be respectful of each other, talk about consent
  2. Be aware that sexual violence affects us all and treat each other as equals
  3. Hold your friends, neighbors, coworkers accountable for their actions
  4. Don't share the sexist joke or degrading meme on social media, even if it's in a private message or group text
  5. Intervene to stop problematic or unhealthy behavior
  6. Promote prevention through education. One of our staff will be happy to come out and speak to your group or employees
  7. Invest in Rape Crisis Center so that funding is available to offer sexual violence prevention education and realize that awareness and bystander intervention is a social responsibility

Learn about what the Rape Crisis Center is doing in your community. Help to educate others.

  1. Did you know the Rape Crisis Center serves victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides counseling
  2. Did you know the Rape Crisis Center works with local law enforcement and the District Attorney's office to assist victims through the criminal justice process
  3. Did you know, Mobile County Sexual Assault Response Team has a fully equipped program at USA Children's & Women's Hospital. Nurses who are SANE certified will provide forensic exams at no charge to victims. Rape Crisis victim advocates will accompany victims to offer support.

Become a Rape Crisis Volunteer Advocate. Our center is always in need of volunteers to accompany the victims to the hospital, answer the crisis line to provide assistance to victims.

If you want to learn more about what the Rape Crisis Center is doing in your community or how you can get involved, call the Rape Crisis Center of Mobile, 251-431-5100.