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For Emergencies, Call 911

Rape Crisis Center Services

Sexual Assault Services

We are here for you 24 hours a day at (251) 473-7273 or 1-800-718-7273

We offer the following Counseling and Advocacy Services:


Free and confidential crisis counseling is provided to survivors of sexual violence. This is available for the survivor and their family, friends, intimate partners, or other secondary survivors.

Legal Advocacy

If a client wishes to press charges against her/his assailant, our staff will serve as an advocate throughout the law enforcement and criminal justice proceedings.

If I call, who will talk to me?

Our 24-hour hotline is answered by trained staff and volunteer advocates of the Rape Crisis program. With each call, the needs of the caller are assessed and appropriate referrals are made. Rape Crisis offers direct services to sexual assault victims and their families 24/7, delivering counseling, support groups, hospital and court presence, advocacy, community education, training for law enforcement, medical and social service personnel.

Forensic Examination, where do I go?

Can I use the services of Rape Crisis long after a rape occurred?

Yes, some survivors of sexual violence go months or years without reporting their rape or seeking medical attention. Individuals often contact Rape Crisis when they decide to seek help in dealing with their assault.

Family Justice Center

The Family Justice Center housed at the Rape Crisis Center includes advocates, Mobile Police Department sex crime investigators and staff from the Mobile County District Attorney’s office. All services are provided on site so that survivors and their loved ones can receive all services in one location. The Promise Initiative is a program funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (Sexual Assault Kit Initiative) to inventory the existing numbers of unsubmitted sexual assault kits, test these kits, and assign designated personnel to pursue new investigative leads and prosecutions and to support victims throughout the investigation and prosecution process. If you were a victim of a sexual assault and the case was not processed, please call us for information on your case.


Confidentiality is essential for effective therapy and support services. Everything a client discusses with Rape Crisis staff and volunteers or therapists is kept private between the client and our agency.  Professional ethics and Alabama law require that we protect the confidentiality of people who seek help from us.  A signed release form by the client is required before information about a client is released to anyone outside the agency. The only instances that our staff would report, any discussion between a therapist, advocates or volunteer advocates and a client without the client’s written consent are:

The Promise Initiative

The Promise Initiative provides information on untested sexual assault kits in the City of Mobile through a grant from The Bureau of Justice Assistance. Rape Crisis Center partners with the City of Mobile Police Department, Mobile County District Attorneys Office, and the University of South Alabama.

The Child Therapeutic Unit

The Child Therapeutic Unit works with children of sexual and domestic abuse. Children and their families are referred through the Department of Human Resources, the Mobile Police Department, The Mobile Sheriff’s Office, The Prichard Police Department or by calling the Rape Crisis Center Sexual Assault Hotline.

Children and their non-offending parent will take part in counseling sessions and group therapy. Our family advocate works with families and children to prepare them for the court process. This unit is housed with 6 other partner agencies in the Child Advocacy Center of Mobile.