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Our Team

Our Counselors

Image of Chandra Brown Stewart
Chandra Brown Stewart
Executive Director
Image of Cary Quint
Cary Quint
Finance Officer
Image of Jan Preslar
Jan Preslar


Image of Priscilla McGahagin
Priscilla McGahagin
Front Desk Supervisor/Accounting Assistant
Image of Ginger Ferniany
Ginger Ferniany
Accounting Assistance

Executive Committee

President - Mr. John Teague

Secretary - Ms. Susan Pickard

Treasurer - Ms. Amanda Jones

Past President - Dr. Sharee Broussard

Executive Director - Chandra Brown

Board Members

Dr. Racheal Banks

Ms. Nadia Brooks

Dr. Jamie Franco-Zamudio

Mr. Chris George

Ms. Beverly Hayes

Ms. Tammy Herrington

Mr. Marques Ivy

Mr. Jack Johnson

Ms. Jasmine Knight

Ms. Tabitha Phillips

Ms. Cindy Rathle

Ms. Brooke Thomas