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The Family Counseling Center of Mobile, Inc. was first formed as a United Way Agency and separate entity on September 28, 1958.

Prior to that time, two separate agencies operated.  Travelers Aid society began as a service of the Mobile YWCA in 1917 as a protective program for newcomers and young people.  In 1944 it became a separate agency.  Child and Family Services was created as a new United Way Agency in 1940 to provide case work to children’s institutions in Mobile, i.e., Protestant Children’s Home, Wilmer Hall, Florence Crittenton Home and Community day Care Center.  Later Family Counseling Center was added to its services.  Basic services included marital counseling, child guidance, prevention of delinquency and counseling for unmarried mothers.

In 1958, a community study recommended a new agency be formed from Traveler’s Aid and Child and Family Services.  The program objectives of this agency were to continue work in three major areas:  Family and Marital Counseling, Traveler’s Aid and child Placement.

In 1984, upon recommendation of the Community chest, the Traveler’s Aid Service was placed under the auspices of the Salvation Army.  As times changed, needs of the community changed.  In 1989 we added Specialized Services for Adults to meet the needs of elderly home bound clients and their caregivers.  In late 1989, Consumer Credit Counseling Service began serving the needs of families burdened by debt and financial problems.  As the scope of family problems continued to increase, the board chose to expand service delivery to include surrounding counties.  Three satellite offices were opened – Montrose, Jackson and Saraland.

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At LCS, our goal is to see our community thrive.  We are an agency where community members can come to receive assistance across their life span and life challenges.  We offer solutions for obstacles encountered in daily living.  We have entry points for community members struggling with crisis and in need of immediate assistance; community members needing to maintain daily living; and community members needing to build on their current skills to thrive.  We are the community expert in helping community members deal with trauma and abuse across the spectrum from toddler to senior; teens and adults struggling with anger management issues; individuals and families successfully manage their finances and attain the American Dream of owning a home and contributing to our community; and providing prevention education programs, workshops and resources for community members in southwest Alabama.  Through crisis, emotional and financial counseling and education, we build strong, healthy families (family resiliency); parent successful children, teens and young adults; cope with stressors of daily living in each stage of life; and support our seniors, as they enter into their golden years.