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Family, Marital, And Divorce Counseling

Marriage Counseling

The Family Counseling Center offers services to help couples and children through marriage and divorce problems.

Family counselors are trained to help couples walk through issues that could be causing marital strife as well as provide the couples with tools to solve these problems. Our innovative program for divorcing parents provides in-depth techniques for successfully moving their families through the transition of separation and divorce. Counseling helps individuals overcome marital discord, divorce, and parent-child conflicts. Contact us now to set up a counseling session if you are going through one of these issues.

Helping Children Cope With Divorce classes

A four-hour educational program about the needs of children during and after the divorce of their parents. Parents learn how to help their children through this difficult time. Topics include typical reactions of children, skills that help children cope, visitation issues and pitfalls to avoid. The Domestic Relations Judge requires divorcing parents to attend this course.

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