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Family Counseling

What Are My Rights as a Client?

Your Privacy Rights

As a client of the Family Counseling Center you have a right to privacy and to review information we keep in your file. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act you have the right to:

1. Be told why the information we request is needed
2. Be told how the information will be used
3. Be shown all information about yourself
4. Be told the consequences of refusing to supply the requested information
5. Contest the accuracy of information in your file
6. All information about you will be kept private

You Have A Right To:

  • Dignity
  • Understand Your Treatment
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Consent or Refuse
  • Right to Receive an Accounting of Disclosures
  • Right to Access Your Records
  • Right to Request to Change Inaccurate Information
  • Right to Request Restrictions on Disclosure
  • Minors’ Right to Information
  • Right to a Safe Environment

Your Responsibilities:

As a client you have responsibilities as well as rights. You can help yourself by being responsible in the following ways:

  • To Be Honest
  • To Actively Participate in Your Counseling
  • Understand and Follow the Treatment Plan
  • To Keep Your Appointments
  • To Know Your Therapist
  • To Be Responsible for Your Valuables

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