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When Children Hurt From A Parents Divorce: What You Can Do

Many times a divorce can have much more impact on the children than is thought. It is never the intention of the parent to cause our children harm and sometimes the circumstan ...


The Promise Initiative for Sexual Assault Survivors

Together, the Mobile Police Department, Mobile County District Attorney’s Office, and Lifelines Counseling Services/The Rape Crisis Center have created “The Promise Initia ...


Less Than 60 Days Until Making Home Affordable Program Deadline!

Less Than 60 Days Until MHA Program Deadline Homeowners have less than 60 days to apply for mortgage assistance through the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program. If you kn ...


Lil' Bits Are Meant to be Shared...

Perhaps I have told this before - but today with a new twist.
I have a large, musical family - yes, imagine the old television show Partridge family come to life. Everyone had a voice and or an instrument. I tried...I really tried...the piano, the violin, even the ukulele. I never made Glee Club like my sisters. Fresh out of college I was an elementary teacher at a school with a limited b... CONTINUE READING

Helping people find real solutions to real problems.

Lifelines Counseling Services of Mobile, Inc. is the agency of choice to help people find real solutions to real problems. Our goal is to facilitate positive changes in individuals, families and communities by providing comprehensive education, referral and counseling services for social, emergency and financial problems.

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