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When Children Hurt From A Parents Divorce: What You Can Do

Jan 11th, 2017

Many times a divorce can have much more impact on the children than is thought. It is never the intention of the parent to cause our children harm and sometimes the circumstances of the divorce are beyond our control. It's not unusual for the child to have emotional reactions to everything going on in their changing world. If you are interested in speaking with someone about your child, you might be interested in our Rollercoasters program. This class helps children affected by divorce, ages 5 -11 years old start their recovery from the stress caused by parental divorce. When children are faced with a loss, it's normal for the child to go through the different stages of grief and loss: -Denial -Anger -Bargaining -Depression -Acceptance Each child is unique. While looking at these signs, it is important to remember to put it in perspective what is out of ordinary for the child. Signs your child is not handling the divorce appropriately: -Trying to bring parents back together -Aggression or defiance -Depression or withdrawal The Rollercoasters class is conducted by a licensed therapist in the State of Alabama. Classes are offered four consecutive weeks, beginning the first week of the month. The cost is $40 for the entire 4 session course. This includes counseling for the children as well as a group for the parents with a different counselor while children are meeting. Each family must be pre-registered to join the group. Call 251-602-0909 for registration form and open dates.