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Talking Finances with Kelly Jones, Local NBC 15 News

Aug 27th, 2015

Lately the news coverage has been about budget shortfalls and stock market plunges. Recently, our own, Sarah Bumgarner, Marketing Manager, was able to talk with Kelly Jones of NBC 15 about the great services Consumer Credit Counseling has to offer the community. (See full segment here: One thing we offer is our free financial workshops. Join us each month for a different workshop covering everything from money management to investments. Our financial counselors teach you how to look for and avoid predatory lenders, how to make slid investments with your money, how to teach your child the right way to begin their financial life and even a car buyijng 101 class. For a full list, check our calendar. The Consumer Credit Cousneling division of Lifelines offers more than free classes though. You can bring your financial concerns to our counselors for each of the following: -Debt or Credit Management -Budget Counseling -Housing Counseling -Bankruptcy Counseling -Foreclosure Prevention For information on any of these services please contact our Consumer Credit Counseling front desk at 251-602-0011.