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Lifelines Counseling Services Achieves National Accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA)

Apr 23rd, 2019

I am delighted to inform you that Lifelines Counseling Services has achieved national accreditation through the Council on Accreditation (COA). COA accreditation ensures that we are providing the very best possible services to our community and is a mechanism that enables Lifelines Counseling Services to continually improve and evaluate the way it delivers services to the community. Our community members have access to high-quality services that have been independently evaluated by a recognized leader in the field of human services.


Founded in 1977, COA is an independent, nonprofit organization that partners with human service organizations worldwide to improve service delivery outcomes by developing, applying, and promoting appropriate best practice standards. COA standards reflect current best practices in the field as determined through extensive literature reviews and a rigorous, multi-stage development and vetting process. Over 2,000 organizations — voluntary, public, and proprietary; local and statewide; large and small — have either successfully achieved, or are in the process of, accreditation. Achieving COA accreditation means our organization is among the best in the field. We are proud to be a part of this community of excellence. We are even more excited to go through this rigorous process with no deficiencies. Kudos to our board and staff for such a momentous achievement.


Organizations from across the United States and Canada have used COA accreditation as a way to ensure that providers of human services, within their states, are delivering excellent services. If you are interested in learning more about how our communities can benefit from accreditation, please contact COA at (866) 262-8088.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. To that end, you can reach me by email at or by phone at 251-602-0909. To learn more about COA accreditation, please visit


Chandra Brown

Executive Director