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Help Our Youth Programs This Summer!

Jun 1st, 2016

Lifelines Counseling Services works throughout our community to help families through counseling and education. Our goal is to not only help the families through their current situation but give them the tools needed for future situations they may encounter and how to prevent some of them. Two of the areas we could use the help of supporters are our youth programs. One program we offer families is called Rollercoasters. This program is for children who are affected by the divorce of their parents. Children cope with these situations in many different ways and this program helps children through the process. Another program is a court mandated program with youth from Strickland Youth Services called Juvenile Anger Management (JAM). This is designed for parents and children ages teen and younger. Many times the child doesn't know how to deal with the emotional changes they are going through, nor does the parent. This 16-week program is held in two groups, children meeting in one while their parents meet in the other. Supplies that could help us during these programs: -Snacks for kids, youth and teenage -Art supplies -Toys for younger kids to play with while parents or older brothers/sisters are in sessions (Can be used but good quality, doesn’t have to be new) -Fun toys or prizes to give away as incentives, youth, and teenage -Summer fun items Please drop off items at 705 Oak Circle Drive, or contact Sarah, 251-602-0909 for more options. Online donations are accepted via PayPal here -