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Circle of HOPE – Hold On, Pain Ends

Aug 11th, 2015

Sexual Violence (rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse), whether occurring in childhood or your adult life, takes a toll on your psyche. Lifelines Counseling want to assist you in regaining your power, and strength that were wrongly taken from you. You are not to blame for what was done to you. You can thrive, and we are here to make sure you survive! This weekly support group is available to help you through a difficult time. This support group is formulated to help you, the victim. Group will cover ways to continue coping with the abuse, assist in any ongoing symptoms you are experiencing, teach ways to place personal boundaries in your life and overcome any fears that you may still be harboring. To learn more or sign up for the next session, call Lifelines Counseling Services to schedule a 30 minute appointment before attending the group, 251-602-0909 or 251-431-5100.