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Family Counseling

Family Counseling Programs

Family Counseling Center (FCC): The Family Counseling Center offers counseling for individuals, couples and families dealing with stress, domestic violence, marital, parenting and other life issues. Involvement with schools, families and the community is a major feature of FCC.

Children Cope with Divorce

  • A four-hour educational program about the needs of children during and after the divorce of their parents. Parents learn how to help their children through this difficult time. Topics include typical reactions of children, skills that help children cope, visitation issues and pitfalls to avoid. The Domestic Relations Judge requires divorcing parents to attend this course.
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  • A four-week educational group for children affected by parental divorce. This class helps children start their recovery from the stress caused by divorce and see a brighter future for themselves. Scholarships are provided for this program.

END (Establishing Non-Violent Direction)

  • A court mandated anger management/domestic violence intervention program for women. Often stuck in the cycle of violence, the participants of this 22 week program are presented groups topics – anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills, and healthy/unhealthy relationships. Our unique psycho-educational program changes their lives and assists them in raising their self esteem and empowering them to lead healthier lives.

Child Advocacy Center (therapeutic unit)

  • The community response to the problem of child abuse. Abused children are interviewed here by a specialized trained team of professionals. Children and their families are referred for counseling and prepared for the criminal justice process. Provided also, are educational and training programs in child abuse prevention. FCC employs the therapeutic unit consisting of 3 specially trained therapists, including a clinical supervisor and a family advocate.

The Youth Violence Prevention program

  • Aims to prevent violence before it begins and teach youth how to effectively deal with their anger. Our youth violence prevention program features two evidence based curricula – Strengthening Families and Juvenile Anger Management.

The Strengthening Families curriculum

  • A proven effective family-based prevention and intervention program. This program is designed for parents and their children, ages 12 – 18. The goal of the program is to increase positive social and communication skills while resisting peer pressure and substance abuse issues in youth by helping them build skills and giving parents more tools to help their children become responsible adults. The program also helps families improve the relationship between parents and children while decreasing the level of family conflict.

The Strengthening Families program

  • Is delivered in fourteen weekly group sessions that have parent, youth and family sessions. Parents and youth meet in separate groups for the first hour and together as families during the second hour to practice skills, play games and complete family projects.

The Juvenile Anger Management (JAM)

  • Curriculum is a 10 week program designed to help teens and parents effectively and appropriately express their anger through alternative behaviors. JAM is open to teens ages 12 -17. There is also a parent group for the teens in the program. These groups meet separately.

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