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Join us for the 7th Annual Kickball Tournament

April 2016 is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Rape Crisis Center’s 40th anniversary. We will be hosting several community awareness events including our Annual “Kic ...


Giving Tuesday and Our Holiday Giving Campaign

HOLIDAY GIVING CAMPAIGN BENEFITING LIFELINES COUNSELING SERVICES From October 1st to December 1st, Family Counseling Center of Mobile (dba Lifelines Counseling Services), wil ...


Our Executive Director speaks to University of South Alabama students about Domestic Violence

The month of October is usually a big month for everyone to show their support for Breast Cancer research and making sure women get regular check-ups. Often, no one sees where ...


What does love have to do with it?

It’s that time of year!!!!! No…not Mardi Gras, although that is a big one for the Gulf Coast. Nope…it is the season of love and romance. I’m not sure who decided we needed to dedicate a day to being in love, but we all seem to enjoy it and make some time to acknowledge that love to our special someone. And then it’s back to reality!


When it comes to relationships things can get c... CONTINUE READING

Helping people find real solutions to real problems.

Lifelines Counseling Services of Mobile, Inc. is the agency of choice to help people find real solutions to real problems. Our goal is to facilitate positive changes in individuals, families and communities by providing comprehensive education, referral and counseling services for social, emergency and financial problems.

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