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Sharing Words of Wisdom…

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image via jjackson

image via jjackson

I have a quote board in my office. Each week I write on the board an inspirational quote that has struck me. It is hung on the wall directly across from my couch and I have enjoyed seeing my regular clients checking the board when they come to session. They often remark with comments such as “oh wow that is so right where I am today” or “wow I really needed to read that” or “ooh I’ve got to copy that down”. This reminds me of the power of words and our connectedness in this journey of life.

Recently I had a client who shared with me that she had a quote for the quote board. I knew she had reached a point in her own healing that she wanted others to benefit from the wisdom she had gained. She wanted to share with others. And she said (with her permission),


Excitedly she spoke about what those words had meant to her and how she had adopted them as a theme for her journey. She shared that if she wrote this quote out she would draw a flower next to it. It made me smile knowing what the client had been though and where she was today. She had learned that those curveballs life often throws are but opportunities for growth.

Her words reminded me of the picture posted above. I came across┬áthis impatiens flower in full bloom that had sprouted through the tiniest crack in a cement sidewalk. No other flowers in sight…no other plants in sight…just a cement area and this tiny flower. Maybe the seed had been dropped by a bird or blown by the wind to land in this most unlikely of places and yet this small flower was able to grow through the adverse circumstances and reach its blooming potential.


Yes, this client has discovered the wisdom of resiliency. Do you share those words and or phrases that have motivated you? It just might be what the person next to you needs to hear and cannot yet verbalize!



I am a therapist at Family Counseling Services, a division of Lifelines Counseling Services in Mobile, Alabama.

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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for being with her on her healing journey!

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