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Have you ever felt invisible? Life speeding past and you left unnoticed? Written deep within the hearts of all men and women is the desire to be recognized…to be known. Feeling invisible in life is different than hiding from life. It’s an ache…a pain…a disconnect. And yet interestingly it’s a disconnect not between you and […]

Ode to the Sensitive One…

To you delicate one who wears 3d glasses in the midst of a sometimes flat thinking world… Thank you for your depth. To you aware one who notices the first of spring buried in the cold of winter… Thank you for your vision. To you keen one who picks up on the dissonant chords hidden […]

Lights of Hope…

I have noticed many more Christmas lights decorating the outside of homes and businesses this year…maybe I am just more aware. Net lights, bulb lights, white lights, multicolored lights, flashing lights, and my personal favorite this season – projector lights- the easy way to decorate…lighting up whole buildings and homes and even surrounding trees and […]

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