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Allow That One Word to Find You…

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photo credit: jjackson

photo credit: jjackson

2017 has arrived…

But what about 2016? Did your resolutions get lost somewhere along the way?

Your past does not have to define the present.

Motivation science outlines why it is difficult to keep resolutions, but offers hope for setting achievable goals (see linked article).

But what about a different way to ring in the new year? I believe in the power of words…even a┬ásingle word. What is that one word that seems to be resting upon your heart? That one word that gives you pause any time you hear it or read it or hear it spoken?

Take a minute…Pause and reflect…allow that one word to find you…

To find you in the midst of your day to day life. Allow it to transform your perspective…allow it to color in the lines of your everyday…allow it to breathe newness into your routine. Post the word somewhere you will see it frequently, journal about the word, do a word study, notice the word in conversation and in the things you read.

Share your word…with friends, family, co-workers, through social media…connect with others through that one word…

Yes, allow that one from the heart word to find you and be pleasantly surprised as the adventure begins!



I am a therapist at Family Counseling Services, a division of Lifelines Counseling Services in Mobile, Alabama.

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