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Yellow Almost Red Light Kind of Day…

I was off to a dr. appointment and running a bit behind schedule, I was catching all the yellow lights. I thought to myself, I am having a yellow almost red light kind of day. It was as if the whole world was urging me to slow down. How easy it isĀ on a yellow almost […]

Happiness Supplement…

Where is your happy place? That place you can go where you feel the release of life’s stressors – almost imperceptibly your tense muscles soften, your breaths become deeper, your mind becomes quiet. Mine is the beach…Just a little, isolated beach where often the closest people are way more than a stone’s throw away. Here […]

Staying on Track and a Rule of Life…

The blog has been quiet for awhile. Writer’s block?….maybe some. Busy-ness?…yes, always the case. Changes, transitions, shakeups in life?…perhaps a bit. Laziness?….maybe a factor. But honestly, is it laziness or a caving in to resistance? We all know that sense of resistance – that pulling away. And as a result little by little we stop […]

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