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Have you ever felt invisible? Life speeding past and you left unnoticed? Written deep within the hearts of all men and women is the desire to be recognized…to be known. Feeling invisible in life is different than hiding from life. It’s an ache…a pain…a disconnect. And yet interestingly it’s a disconnect not between you and […]

Supercharge Your Day…

Upon leaving for work one day this week, my husband called after me… “Make the world a better place today.” During the ride to work, those words seemed to hang in the air. How often do we begin our day three steps ahead…I have this to do, I have to complete this, this matter can’t […]

Spring Cleaning….Your To Do List?!…

There are times when our to do lists can feel a bit like a boa constrictor. Little by little zapping our energy and zest for the day ahead. Just as the seasons are changing and we begin to think about spring cleaning…why not spring clean your to do list? Books and articles to read…emails, texts, […]

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