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Drawing Up a Battle Plan…In the Grocery Store?!

“Everyone listen up”, boomed a loud voice. “Is it individuals or teams today?” Excited squeals of “teams, teams!” Standing at the edge of the produce department by the entrance to the grocery store was a father with a list in hand and four children jumping up around the grocery cart. “Ok, girls versus boys.” “Yay” shouted […]

Dealing with Fear like a Bison…

It seems this week there were a number of stories in the news about Bison. President Obama signed the “National Bison Legacy Act” that named the American Bison as the official mammal of the United States. There was an incident in Yellowstone Park when some tourists captured a bison calf and put it in their car. […]

“E-I-E-I-O” and Life’s Frustrations…

My daughter is home from college for the summer. She has the most “interesting” (humph) habit that every drawer, cabinet and door are left wide open after she leaves. I feel my entire kitchen is waving hello and saying, “I don’t think we will be discovered as a site for the newest organizational video on You Tube.” […]

Discovering the Super Hero Within…

Professor Gary Greenberg who holds a PHD in Biomedical Research from the University College in London has spent over 10 years searching the globe for grains of sand to photograph. Using tiny acupuncture needles he has sought to find and arrange the most perfect specimens.  Once found, he magnifies them 250x real life. What has […]

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