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Discovering the Song Within…

Recently my husband surprised me with a date to the symphony. I was entranced at how the musicians so intimately connected with their individual instruments. Closing my eyes I allowed the music to sweep over me as if I was riding up and down the waves of the piece. And all the stress, worries, and […]

Getting Purposely Lost…

Who gave permission¬†for the “should be’s” and the “should have been’s” to take up residence in our heads? The “should be’s” propel us into the future and the “should have been’s” chain us to the past. Hushing the holler is key to living mindfully in the present…in the here and now…in the wonder of the […]

Sticks and Stones and Names That Hurt Us….

What’s in a name? Names are ours. They set us apart. Names do not die; they last for a lifetime and beyond. Names have power. They define us. Names give us our own sense of personal identity and uniqueness. A name is more than a name! There was a study done a few years ago […]

These Boots are Made for Walking…

These boots are made for walking…right into the New Year 2016. How will you enter into the New Year? We are hearing a lot about resolutions, but as a positive psychology practitioner, I would like to point out… Resolutions focus on changing something we perceive as wrong in our lives. Beginning with the negative often […]

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