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Hectic Haste to Holiday Hush…

      Are you battling with the hectic haste of the holidays?… Longing for a bit of holiday hush? … I suggest visiting the Christmas Nights of Lights at Hank Aaron Stadium going on now until January 3 beginning every night at dusk and ending at 10pm. A perfect way to step away from […]

Want a Healthier Family?…Hide a Pickle in Your Tree…

There is an old German custom that the last decoration to be added to the Christmas tree is a pickle, hidden deep within the boughs of the tree. Whoever finds the hidden pickle on Christmas Day is said to be gifted with abundant blessings of good fortune for the year ahead. This time of the […]

Dogs, Goals, and Asking Right Questions in a “What’s Wrong” World….

In the midst of the holiday rush, many begin critiquing the past year, both personally and professionally, and begin to look at goals for the upcoming year. Goals…oh no, not goals!…why is it that goals have become a four letter word+s in our “what’s wrong” world? Perhaps its our approach! I see this dog regularly […]

Fog…Loneliness…and the Man in the Moon…

I am an early morning walker. In the hush of the new day beginning, I find a sense of peace and often inspiration. The other morning as I was walking, I found myself strolling into a blanket of fog. I realized that when in the fog, I couldn’t see the fog…I could see it behind […]

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